Bookkeeping Services

Tired of doing your own bookkeeping or maybe your time could be better spent doing something else? Our bookkeepers can do it better - faster and more accurately. You might be surprised to see how little it costs. We will give you an estimate before we begin.

We charge $50/hour for all services including monthly bookkeeping, GST & PST Returns, GST Rebates and Payroll.

Training - Bookkeepers Certification Course
Have you considered a career in bookkeeping? We put on a three month course every year starting in October and ending in December. It requires one hour class time per day five days per week Monday to Friday. You are expected to do another one hour of homework for a ten hour commitment per week for twelve weeks.

Most students really enjoy this course. It prepares you to do the books of an incorporated company using software-based bookkeeping. The course is hands on and provides the why as well as the how. It uses realistic data to give students real-world bookkeeping experience.