Corporate Taxes
Corporate Taxes
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There are a number of deductions available to Corporations for tax purposes. We specialize in maximizing these deductions within acceptable parameters set by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CRA).
Secondly we make sure you are benefiting from all government credits and programs applicable to your business.
Thirdly we utilize technology to provide you with the lowest cost of corporate tax preparation at the same time providing the most sophisticated standard in financial statement presentation.
2017 Small business corporate tax rate 13%
We understand small business and tight budgets. We are very reasonably priced. We never overcharge nor add in surprise charges. We will tell you when the work will be completed and how much it will cost before we begin.
Three reasons to incorporate:
  1. Limited liability
  2.     Protect your personal assets if things go wrong.
  3. Selling your business
  4.      $835,714 (2017) tax free for selling small business shares.
3. Tax planning
    Pay yourself, family members or corporate tax/dividends
Should you incorporate?
Corporate Financial Statements and Corporate Taxes - $950